Was “Iraqi Liberation” a fraud?

November 18, 2007 | Filed Under War 

Is this video a tool of propaganda artists, or are they exposing the true propaganda artists?

Propaganda Artists? You decide.

YouTube Preview Image

“the whole war, it’s like an American movie. You know the end, you know the heroes, you know the ‘bad guys’ are going to die.”

You know, it really bothers me that IF the United States (my country) tried to stage this for the media for the purpose of promoting propaganda to support war, they should hire much better ‘directors’ and producers. It’s ridiculous how horrible of a job the media did covering and reporting on the Iraqi liberation ‘movement’. I remember the famous images, and I even went out and bought a news paper when Saddam Hussein was captured. The media has historically been instrumental as a tool for ‘success’ and ‘defeat’ in American wars, and the Iraq War is no different.

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