Is the “Surge” really a success?

January 8, 2008 | Filed Under War 

U.S. Military Spends Quarter Of A Billion Dollars On “Concerned Local Citizens”

Maybe was right to publish the highly controversial “Betray-us” ad in the NY Times?

As it turns out, the ‘good’ General Petraeus has come up with the perfect scheme that would allow the illegal Iraq war and media lies that support the war to continue indefinitely. How the heck could he accomplish such a feat while minimizing casualties and keeping the anti-War sentiment at bay? Well, I can tell you that it has nothing to do with the “surge” success story that Rupert Murdoch’s media empire is feeding the world.

Indeed, the “surge” is just another GOP-sanctioned media blitz used to manage public outrage just like the manipulative phrases that preceded it. (e.g. “The Patriot Act”, “Operation Iraqi Freedom”, “Operation Enduring Freedom”, “the War on Terror”, “Support the Troops”) Without even trying, the Bush Administration and his legion of GOP buffoons has managed to take the media and play it like a fiddle. Most media outlets are content satisfying the masses with sensationalist propaganda and “analysis” that amounts to political talking points and big advertising bucks. There are few journalists that attempt to present objective information or fair analysis, bias has taken over the airwaves and the money that comes in as a result is enough to keep pundits giving us more of what we want ot hear.

I’m not going to sit around and shout for people to “wake up” because it’s cliche and idiotic to expect brainwashed people to suddenly snap out of their stupor. Instead I’ll provide you with facts and knowledge and you can spend time either resisting the truth or spreading it to loved ones and friends so that they can know what is going on in society.

Here’s an article from the NPR: “Military Officials Disagree on Impact of Surge

· A year ago this week, violence in Iraq appeared to be spiraling out of control, prompting President Bush to come up with a new strategy. The idea was to create “breathing space” — to give Iraq’s leaders a chance to take hold of their country. To do this, the president ordered a “surge” of 30,000 additional troops to be sent to Iraq. One year later, supporters and even some detractors have hailed the surge as an unqualified success. Violence is down to levels not seen since 2004, and Iraqis are now back out on the streets.

The 250 million dollar lie courtesy of General Petraeus?

I still remember the controversy over the summer. President Bush kept demanding that Congress give him more time. All he needed was for September to roll around so that General Petraeus could brief us on whether the ‘surge’ was working.

In fact, a plan was in progress to derail the violence that had reached an all-time high, not by ‘winning’ and overwhelming the enemy with force and troops, but by buying off the Iraqi Sunni Muslims with a $10 / day payment. The offer of money in exchange for ‘not killing our troops’ was made to well over 70,000 “former insurgents.”

The military knows that it could pay this sum indefinitely and under the current budget at least ten years of payments could be made to the tune of 250 million dollars a year.

It’s a controversial strategy, and Macgregor warns that it’s creating a parallel military force in Iraq that is made up almost entirely of Sunni Muslims.

“We need to understand that buying off your enemy is a good short-term solution to gain a respite from violence,” he says, “but it’s not a long-term solution to creating a legitimate political order inside a country that, quite frankly, is recovering from the worst sort of civil war.”

That civil war has subsided, for now. It’s diminished because of massive, internal migration, a movement of populations that has created de-facto ethnic cantons.

“Segregation works is effectively what the U.S. military is telling you,” Macgregor says. “We have facilitated, whether on purpose or inadvertently, the division of the country. We are capitalizing on that now, and we are creating new militias out of Sunni insurgents. We’re calling them concerned citizens and guardians. These people are not our friends, they do not like us, they do not want us in the country. Their goal is unchanged.”

Essentially, to put it simply… we found a way to short-circuit the civil war that we inadvertently sparked with our war of aggression. Next time you hear Fox News throw figures at you related to the relatively insignificant (rolls eyes) casualties of war, at least you’ll know why the death and wounded counts have dropped. It’s not to say that we aren’t hurting in Iraq, people still die.. it’s a fact of war. I’m glad that we’ve found a way to limit the amount of American deaths, but the fact is that over 1 million Iraqis are dead and that number may double or triple during our occupation.

As an American citizen, what troubles me the most is the incessant use of propaganda and lies by our government over an issue that is very high priority in the minds of the American people. The abuse of the media and Fox News controlling public opinion to the best of its ability is really frightening. Of course, those goons would just as soon write off these facts as ‘liberal’ propaganda and maybe even tag along a cute “tin foil / moonbat” attack, but the only way to fight the lies is to infect people with knowledge.

Buying Time Until the 2008 Election

Macgregor says that people are desperate for success.

“They want to believe that we have done something positive for the population of Iraq. That we are helping them to become something positive,” he says. “The thing that worries me most of all is what happens over the next 12 to 24 months in Iraq. Could we not have made matters worse in the long term? Are we not actually setting Iraq up for a worse civil war than the one we have already seen?”

Iraq can be seen as a conflict temporarily frozen.

The largest Shiite militia group has temporarily sworn-off attacking both the U.S. military and Sunni Muslims. Sunni groups are, for the time being, allying themselves with the United States for a fee. And in the north, Kurdish militants are focused on Turkey rather than Iraq. It is a waiting game.

And still, quietly, each group builds its own armory, preparing for the inevitability of fighting another day.

Remember when this was all about capturing Saddam Hussein? It then turned into a mission to “free the Iraqis” and “spread Democracy”. That of course failed due to the dysfunctional government that we helped raise and now it’s about Al Qaida and national security. There seems to be an endless supply of rhetoric that our officials have latched onto, it’s sad that this “surge” word has become so popular with the war faction of the right. These cute words are infectious and coupled with the anti-liberal mud, work quite well together to promote their agenda.

Please do your part to spread the word about the evil that has overtaken our government and the extent to which they’d go to hide the reality of what’s happening over-seas. Meanwhile, I can assure you that the “enemy” within is spending plenty of money and devising ways to keep us at war and continuing to do the bidding of our latest high-profit operations in the middle east.

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